Your patient's opinion matters.

Connect with your patients effortlessly pre- or post-treatment to gain real, actionable insights into their experience with your practice.


Dental Patient survey

Enhance your practice based on patient insights in real-time on any device.

Enhance your practice based on real-time patient insights and start communicating with them in the right channel before it’s too late. Create surveys for customer experience, employee experience, product experience, and brand experience. Here is more reason dentists should survey their patients continually:
  • Generate Positive Review and share online

  • Prevent negative reviews from publishing online

  • Utilize patient feedback to grow the practice

  • Measure patient experience across every touchpoint

  • Increase patient satisfaction and loyalty

  • Enhance office staff efficiency and productivity

  • Acknowledge patient feedback instantly with automated responses


Real-time feedback

Maximize your patient satisfaction and prevent negative feedback from spreading online. Utilize their feedback to make smarter decisions and minimize patient grievances.

Feedback collection

Collect feedback at every stage of the patient’s journey via email, social media, SMS, and more. Give patients multiple opportunities to respond with smart delivery mechanisms.

Automated response

Engage patients at the right time to truly understand their experience. Our automated system sends all urgent patient issues directly to you so you can proactively address them before they make it on online review sites.

Generate reviews

Turn positive patient feedback into a 5-star review by utilizing our automated patient survey management system to generate and share reviews on review sites and social media effortlessly.

Sharing feedback

Invite patients to share their positive feedback on your website, search engines and social media sites. Sharing positive patient feedback as testimonials on your website and social media sites increase the conversion.

Custom Reporting

Our review management platform helps you to monitor and analyze your patients perception and create a customized report for any survey type.


Dental Marketing FAQ

1Why should you invest in dental marketing?
Dental marketing is essential for your dental practice to compete in the competitive dental market, grow the patient base and thrive. Here are the top five reasons to invest in dental marketing: 1. Generate new patient appointments 2. It helps differentiate your practice 3. Increases outreach 4. Engages and retains patients 5. Positive online reputation 6. Higher ROI
2How much do dental marketing services cost?
We are a full-service agency that provides a variety of dental marketing services at different price points. The cost depends on your requirements. Get in touch with us to avail of services at competitive rates. We will analyze your current strategy and goals to help you with dental marketing solutions that work best for your practice.
3How does the best dental marketing company do dental marketing?
Certain traits differentiate the best from the ordinary. The best dental marketing company should ideally function in the following ways: 1. A thorough analysis of your dental practice 2. Determine the most effective channels for your practice 3. ROI driven marketing approach 4. Produce desired results within your budget 5. Boost conversions with data-driven marketing Get in touch with our dental marketing agency to launch a successful marketing strategy.
4What is the best dental marketing strategy?
The best dental marketing strategy is one that justifies your marketing spend and maximizes ROI for every dollar. A dental marketing strategy that successfully captures new patients strengthens your online presence, develops a positive online reputation, and gains loyal patients qualify as an ideal strategy. Our dental online marketing company will help you with multi-pronged marketing to achieve cohesive growth.
5How dental marketing attracts new patients to your dental practice?
Dental marketing has the following benefits which help attract new patients: 1. Creates a great first impression 2. Facilitates online booking 3. Higher visibility in search engines with dental SEO 4. Granular targeting to reach the ideal target audience 5. Increases credibility and authority Dental marketing uses a combination of digital channels and tactics like SEO, PPC, social media marketing, etc., to grow your dental practice. Get in touch with us to explore an array of dental marketing services.
6Why Choose Dental Marketo As Your Dental Marketing Agency?
We are a dental marketing agency with 20+ years of experience in transforming dental practices. Here is why we are the perfect marketing partner to get more patients and grow your practice: 1. We accelerate your dental practice with an integrated marketing strategy 2. We deliver custom solutions exclusively tailored to your goals and objectives 3. We continually evolve and refine our offerings to adapt to your KPIs 4. We help you build authentic connections with your patients Contact our full-service dental marketing agency for result-driven services.
7Why Do You Need to Work With a Dental Marketing Company?
Just as you are an expert in dentistry, a dental marketing company has expertise in promoting and advertising dental practices. Unfortunately, a DIY approach to marketing will cost you thousands over time. As a dentist, you probably have a lot on your plate and can’t afford to spend time marketing your office. By hiring the best dental marketing company, you can give your complete attention to treating patients and managing your clinic.